what clients are saying

CARL, Parent of piano student

Erica Calvert is a great teacher.  My daughter had never played an instrument before starting piano lessons. At our first meeting before lessons started, Erica took the time to talk to my daughter about what kind of music she liked and ever since my daughter's assignments have been very well tailored to keep her interested and challenged.  Erica is also quite flexible in what pieces are studied, and helped my daughter play piano accompaniment in the school musical after less than 6 months of lessons.  Erica also arranged other opportunities for her students to gain performance experience in a fun and supportive setting.  You can tell that Erica is a true educator, not just someone who knows how to play piano and gives lessons on the side.  She incorporates a good amount of music theory into the lessons, in a way that is age and ability appropriate.  She is kind and patient but firm, and I think my daughter has gained far more than piano skills from her piano lessons.  I have seen adults and children alike flourish in their musical development thanks to Erica.  I couldn't be more pleased with our experience.

MARK, Adult Piano Student

Erica has served as my piano teacher and has proven an extraordinary teacher of music. I can personally attest to her great skill as a teacher and her unique ability to transcend age and ability in her capacity to impart musical skills. Meeting weekly and covering both theory and practical lessons, I have learned a great amount in a limited time. Prior to piano lessons with Erica, I had no previous experience playing any instrument, nor had I taken any classes. Erica’s approach is patient and dynamic, providing structure while encouraging exploration. While it will be many years until I can count myself as a “piano player,” I know that I look forward to those years learning under Erica’s tutelage.  In short, I wholeheartedly endorse Erica and enthusiastically recommend her to any person, of any age, seeking to learn to play the piano.

RYAN, Band Leader

Erica’s excellent musicianship, skill, and robust knowledge of music makes her the greatest tool in my pocket as a band leader.  I’m constantly consulting her throughout the week and during rehearsal to make our songs better and to better myself as a musician and singer.  She is kind and warm and makes me desire to grow as a musician and vocalist.

AMY, Singing Student

I have always wanted to take singing lessons but have been afraid to get started. I used to play the flute in high school and have always loved music. Erica is a skilled professional teacher who modifies each lesson listening to see where I am on my learning curve. She teaches theory and has advanced musical knowledge with many years of experience. She makes me feel comfortable and confident through each lesson. I have already seen my voice reach levels I never thought possible. She is an incredible teacher who inspires me each lesson.

JULIE, Piano Student

I'm thrilled to have Erica as my teacher.  She is patient and compassionate but also how to challenge me.  I'm incredibly proud of the skill I have developed and the progress I have made.