Group Piano Classes


6-11 year old’s

There's a magic that happens when you fill a room with bright-eyed learners, beautiful instruments, and an inspiring teacher.  Students explore music, experiment, perform, and laugh together.  They challenge and support each other to new heights of excellence.  The sound of engagement coming from the classroom keeps students coming back year after year.

Musikgarten children come to the piano ready to play the songs they have learned to sing, dance, and love. Small group lessons at the keyboard capitalize on your child’s delight in making music with others and allow the children to have success quickly playing songs that they know.

With material for three years of lessons divided into six 15-week semesters, your child will learn to play by ear and to read music. A much-loved piano repertoire of familiar songs improves his ability to read and play with fluency – resulting in pride and excitement in making music! 

New Classes Starting Soon:

  • Wednesday 5:30-6:25pm (Begins October 2nd, 4 spots available)

  • Fridays 4:30-5:25pm (Begins October 4th, 4 spots available)

Adult Group Piano: Have you always wanted to learn piano? Or it’s been a few decade since you’ve played? Join us Monday evenings from October 7th-December 9th for a night of music with people who love music and will make great musical friends. Prefer private lessons? That’s okay too.

Semester tuition for 8 classes is $300: $280 tuition + $20 book

Ukulele Lessons

We love this little, beautiful, 4-string instrument. The ukulele is so much fun to play — have you ever tried it?!? Join us in learning to read music (finger picking) and play chords. A great starting instrument!

Tuesday & Thursday openings for Private Lessons

The Airshine Chorus: Ages 6 & Up

October 10th-December 14th

Do you have a singer in the family? Someone who loves to sing along with the music, hums a tune, makes a hairbrush into a microphone? This 8-week class is a great way to get the singer in your life using those musical abilities to bring cheer to the neighborhood. We’ll be singing holiday songs and carols at the Holiday Walkabout and Tree Lighting in South Park on December 7th. We’ll use these favorite songs to teach good technique, how to warm-up, singing in an ensemble and singing solo. Plus, singers will be given the opportunity to audition for a solo at the Winter Student Showcase on December 14th.

Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm, October 10th-December 14th

$39 for 8-week Class + Plus performances on December 7th and 14th