The best time to gift yourself is in the present, that's why we form new classes every few months. Check out the calendar below to find the best match for you or your child. If you're not sure which would fit best, send an email so we can help get you plugged in with what you need. []

Beginning Group Piano Class

Monthly tuition is $100/month ($25/class)

There's a magic that happens when you fill a room with bright-eyed learners, beautiful instruments and an inspiring teacher.  Students explore music, experiment, perform and laugh together.  They challenge and support each other to new heights of excellence.  The sound of engagement coming from the classroom keeps students coming back year after year.

Read more about the many ways group classes keep students engaged and motivated.

This one-hour class keeps students engaged and grounded in the building blocks they need to be successful. With at least one other "piano partner" students find the learning process so much more fulfilling, exciting and fun.

Learn more about the curriculum taught in piano class, Music Makers: At the Keyboard.

Materials cost $55

This video is a condensed version of a Musik Makers At the Keyboard (MMKB) Year 1 class. MMKB written by MUSIKGARTEN and is a group piano class for children from 6 years and above. It is a music & movement program where the objective is to help the students gain musical literacy.

The lesson experience has been way more than we ever expected. You get way more than your money’s worth at Airshine Music.
— Tara Z.

Family Music Classes

8-week session cost is $165 ($15/class)

Did you know that babies hear in the womb? Listening begins before they're even born! Singing and playing is a part of nurturing a healthy child. At Airshine, music education begins at 2 1/2, and soon we'll be adding baby and toddler classes. In the 45-minute Musikgarten Cycle of Seasons class, children and their caregiver sing, dance, play and move. The family packet supports music making at home and strengthens the family bond.

Materials cost $45

One of the greatest things I’ve observed in classes is incorporating improvisation and composition into music curriculum.
— Matt H.

Private Lessons

Piano, Voice, & Guitar

Monthly tuition is $140/month ($35 per half hour)

Our beginning students start in a class, to build a solid foundation of listening, singing, playing and reading. After those foundational skills are firmly in place and students are confident in their abilities, they may continue learning in an intermediate class or take private lessons.  We offer private lessons in guitar, ukulele, piano, strings, and voice.

Materials fee range between $25-$50