In order to see your voice improve in range, tone and strength, you need to exercise it daily, just like you do when you're working out at the gym. Challenging when your piano skills don't match your singing skills. That's part of why I recommend learning piano sometime during your singing education, so that you can play your warm-ups and learn your song from sheet music.  These videos take 10 minutes (at the most!) to sing through during the day. You can even do this while you're on a stroll around the neighborhood or sitting in traffic. Bookmark this link, or copy to your Notes on any Apple device for quick reference. Do a quick full-body stretch, if you can: touch your toes (or get as close as you can); reach for the sky, up on your toes; stretch to the left, then the right; roll your neck around slowly and gently; then the other way; roll your shoulders back, then forward; then keep your chest high, like you're displaying a medal. Now your body is ready to support that beautiful voice.  Happy singing!

Quick Vocal Warm-up: Male singer, 6 exercises; playing in the female range on the piano, but he sings in the male register

5 Minute Vocal Warm-up: Same guy, but shorter; a few different exercises

Vocal Warm-ups, 3 octaves, Major Scales: Just the piano, with a graphic of the piano as the notes are being played, so you can begin learning how to play the 5-note scales, called the pentatonic scales. When playing with your right hand, start with the thumb (finger 1) and play up to the pinky (finger 5); when playing with the left hand, start with the pinky (finger 5) and play up to the thumb

Female Vocal Warm-up: Can be sung by males, too, just sing down the octave. I like that she tells you which scale degrees she's on. What the what?!? Quick scale lesson: There are 8 notes in a full scale, that are numbered

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. For example, in the key of C Major the letter names are C D E F G A B C. The last note C, is one octave higher than the first note in the scale. In the first exercise, you sing 3 2 1, which is E D C in C Major; F# (black note), E D in D Major; etc.

Daily singing exercises for an awesome voice: I want to be her student! The only video where you get demonstrations. At 12 minutes, it's the longest, but worth the extra couple minutes to hear her lovely British accent and extra instruction.


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