Singing and keeping the beat: foundational to a lifetime of music making.

Singing and keeping the beat: foundational to a lifetime of music making.

Cycle of Seasons: 2.5-5 year olds

In the Cycle of Seasons class, preschoolers explore the wonders of each season and how nature changes over the course of months. Together you’ll sing, chant, move, dance, listen, and play simple instruments, all activities that bridge the natural connection between music and movement. Each lesson features movement activities for coordination, body awareness and control, exploration of space, and instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, drums, and resonator bars.

Wednesdays 9:45-10:30am (14 classes)

Fridays 3:30-4:15pm (14 classes)

$255, includes Family Packet with CD, Parent Guidebook and 8 full-color animal cards

What the Research says…

Music and movement can have a dramatic effect on babies, toddlers, and older children as well. Some studies indicate that early music instruction positively impacts language and literacy development; others point to improved pattern recognition skills which are the basis for mathematical learning; still others reveal the social and emotional benefits of being involved in music.

The Next Step…Intro to Piano for Kindergarteners

For the 5 year old’s who are ready for a more focus on the piano, this is the class for you. It’s a mix of Cycle of Seasons (see above) with singing, playing rhythm instruments, dancing and storytelling — plus the basics of the piano. You will need a keyboard or piano at home so that students can play at home and improve from one class to the next.

  • Tuesday 4:15-5:00pm

  • Wednesday 10:35-11:20am