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Your musical adventure continues here.


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Your musical adventure continues here.

Welcome! Airshine Music School is a learning community of teachers, students, and parents who collaborate together to make a positive community impact.  When we work together, remarkable transformation takes place in the lives of our students.  We invite you to join us and allow us to be part of your musical journey.

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We would love to see you walk through our doors and join a new class in 2019, which kick off the week of January 7th.

Check out the class listing & find a class that fits your schedule:

  Enrollment is open now for all classes beginning in January!

Enrollment is open now for all classes beginning in January!

Our Approach to Music Education

Babies can hear in the womb. That’s where music in the life of a child begins. But how do you go from cradle to playing an instrument? You begin in Early Childhood, in those formative first five years. At Airshine, we teach the Musikgarten curriculum.

Musikgarten is the only music program that seamlessly teaches children from early childhood to piano. The music they learn at the beginning are the songs they learn to play on piano.

Cycle of Seasons is the starting place for children ages 3 to 5. Cycle of Seasons was written with the curious, observant preschool child in mind. Each week, we talk about a different aspect of the season, from the falling leaves to the hungry snowbird, all the little ducklings to blooming flowers, seashells to seagulls. There are two “cycles”: Wind Dancers (taught September through December), and Sun Catchers (taught January to May), with a bonus cycle in the summer, Seashore. Children learn to focus their attention and their ears to what makes sounds unique and slows them down to listen.

After Cycle of Seasons, children ages 4-5 are ready for Music Makers: At Home in the World. In this class, children begin to read and write music. They enjoy the new challenge of reading music, as they begin reading in preschool and kindergarten.

There are four cycles to Music Makers: At Home in the World and four cycles of Music Makers Around the World, which spans 16 months from start to finish.

And now…children are ready for piano or ukulele (or anything else)!

The foundation is laid to learn an instrument. Their ears are used to listening with attention, their voices can match pitch, they understand how notes move — high, low, loud, soft, fast, slow — and their bodies are in control. With advanced fine motor skills, they soar in Music Makers: At The Keyboard.

By the end of Piano Book 1, students can play 11 songs in 4 major keys and 2 minor keys BY EAR. They can transpose with ease and play with confidence.

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Great teachers who are amazing with children! They create a personalized environment where each child can excel. Our daughter has been expanding each time she has a lesson.
— Jen R.

No matter how you begin, Airshine is the place you want to be to continue your music education.